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5 Ways to Style a Tunic for the Office

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Tunic tops are a comfortable and fashionable clothing choice in a professional work setting. Learn five ways to style a tunic for the office, courtesy of Modest Eve!

Ladies' tunic tops are a great way to create fashionable and modest looks appropriate for the office. You may have seen pictures of tunics worn well, but you may still be wondering how to style a tunic that works with your style. Fear not; we will give you five useful tips for styling a tunic and making it modest and work appropriate. You might find that tunics are your new favorite work style!

With versatility and comfort, tunics from Modest Eve are a great piece to have in your wardrobe during all seasons. Because you can dress them up or down, you'll find that these pieces can be transformed easily if you want to transition from work to another setting, such as having fun with friends or spending time with your family.

Tunics can add elegance and class to your work wardrobe. You spend a lot of time at your place of business, so it can make you feel better knowing that you have suitable clothes for that part of your life.

Style and Fabrics Matter

Tunics come in many shapes and fabric selections. You'll want to carefully choose the type of tunic you plan on wearing to the office. For example, crepe and chiffon often seem more dressy than stretchy jersey fabrics, so by choosing tunics that have those fabrics, you are choosing fabrics that lend themselves to wearing at work. Other formal styles and fabrics include bows, ties, lace, and button-down types.

Other tunics may still be appropriate depending on the casualness or formality of your workplace, so if you aren't sure, observe what your colleagues wear, and even if their style isn't the same as yours, you can get an idea of the kinds of pieces that may work.

Wear Women's Tunic Shirts Over a Dress

A tunic over a dress? Yes, you read that right. A dress is a workplace staple, but adding a tunic can take your look to the next level. You can throw a tunic over a dress to make the dress more modest, so if you find a dress that you love but isn't modest enough, a tunic can help you show off parts of that dress without feeling overly exposed.

Additionally, the layering effect can add depth to an outfit by allowing you to combine different textures or add a little pattern. For example, wearing a bold pattern can be too much, but adding a tunic over a bold-patterned dress can slightly tone the look down and make it more appropriate for work. Likewise, a patterned tunic can dress up a plain dress that may otherwise be too casual for work. In general, layers are a great way to have fun with modest fashion.

Choose Your Favorite Trousers

Trousers are a tunic's best friend. If you have a pair of favorite trousers, you can throw a tunic over them and be good to go to work. When choosing trousers, it's usually good to have straighter-fitting trousers, but small flares at the bottom can look nice and add a balanced shape to your outfit. Trousers that have a lot of fabric can detract from your tunic.

When you wear trousers with a tunic, you set yourself up for success with this classic look.

Heighten Your Work Skirt

Tunic tops also look good with skirts, and you can wear them in many of the same ways as you would wear a tunic with a dress. Tunics can add more modesty to skirts, and they can also look oh-so-chic. Tunics work with both structured and flowy skirts; however, if you choose a flowy skirt, you may want to pick a tunic with a closer fit on the top or a belt to bring it in. This way, you don't look like you're wearing a sack! Similarly, if you're wearing a more structured skirt, you can get away with a less structured tunic. Ultimately, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in your appearance, these rules aren't unbreakable.

Add Accessories

Accessories can make or break a tunic look. Ties and belts are common with tunics because they add shape to baggier tunics. You still get plenty of coverage, but you can control how the tunic looks and customize it to what's comfortable on your body. This also allows you to adjust your style if your body changes, as all bodies do over time for various reasons.

Heels are another excellent accessory choice because they often make your look dressier. Comfy heels are a must at the office, but you can choose a heel based on the season and comfort level you need. Heeled boots add to any tunic look in the winter, while kitten heels are a great choice for a comfortable but still fashionable heel to get you through the rest of the year.

Simple jewelry is another good addition to a tunic outfit. A nice necklace or other types of jewelry pulls a piece together and makes it look less casual if you are going for something more office friendly. A well-placed necklace can make even the simplest tunic look like something special!

Modest Eve Gives You Tunic Style Tops

If you want a tunic top or a tunic-style dress, Modest Eve has a selection of tunics in different styles or lengths to meet your needs. We know that dressing modestly can be a challenge for many women, but we're here to give you options to style modestly in a way that matches your personality and fits into any office setting.

Contact us or come see our work-friendly tunics for some fashion inspiration. Let us help you get clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in your skin, enabling you to embrace your values without sacrificing style.


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