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Can You Wear a Hijab With Normal Clothes?

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Can you wear a hijab with normal clothes? What's the best thing to wear with a hijab? Modest Eve has the answers to these questions and more!

A hijab is a scarf or veil worn mainly by Muslims and modest women. It covers both the head and the chest when properly wrapped. Whereas most people think hijabs are meant to cover your whole body with a burka, you can style them with different clothes such as jeans and dresses.

How to Rock Your Hijab with Normal Clothes

Have you ever wondered how to style your hijab with a dress or pair of jeans? Or are you interested in slaying in a hijab to your Muslim friend but do not know where to start? Worry no more. Below are some ways you can rock a hijab, courtesy of Modest Eve.

Hijab with jeans and trousers

Given that most young ladies and girls globally prefer wearing jeans and trousers, it is no longer a hindrance if they want to wear them with hijabs. They can consider a turban style which is stylish and cool. With this, the scarf ends will rest on one shoulder. Also, pick a nice color that blends with the top or blouse.

Hijab with jewelry

Just because you want to wear a hijab doesn’t mean you cannot rock your jewelry! You can style your attire with earrings and necklaces. You can do so by wrapping and tying your veil behind your ear, beside the neck, and letting it drop from the shoulders instead of the chin.

Saree with headscarf

Are you an Indian or a saree lover who wishes to complete the fabric look with a scarf? While it may be tricky to style a saree with a veil, picking a color close to the fabric is the way to go. Tie and pin it in modern hijab styles.

Modern veil style

When it comes to fashion, modern women wear hijabs in a simple and functional style. They prefer pinless scarves draped around the head with both ends wrapped once around the neck. That way, the veil falls freely on the chest, making a style. Such is beautiful with a long dress.

Buying Guide for a Perfect Hijab

A perfect hijab depends on an individual’s preferences in different aspects. Below are some things people often look at when choosing the perfect hijab.


Just like the adage, cheap is expensive! A good veil is more expensive than a fake one. However, no need to go for the most expensive.

Hijab size

The correct hijab should cover both your head and neck. According to Muslims, it should also be thick and not transparent.

Quality and durability

Before buying a hijab, it has to be of good quality to last long. Low quality will wear out quickly, making you want to return to the market.


Depending on where you intend to wear your hijab, choosing the right color is very paramount. Different colors match different occasions. For example, dull colors are good during funeral services, while bright colors are for parties.

The texture of the fabric

Hijabs come in different textures and fabrics. Materials include cotton, chiffon, and linen, among others. Different materials bring out different styles, so it is good to know the kind of material and style you intend to wear.

Visit Modest Eve for Quality Your Hijabs

Now that you know how to style your hijab with regular clothes, consider visiting Modest Eve for all your clothing needs. We offer high-quality hijabs for every modest woman. Contact us online today for more information. You can also send us an email at


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