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How to Care For Your Hijabs and Keep Them Looking New

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Get the most from your Modest Eve purchase and learn how to care for your hijabs and keep them looking new! A little TLC will make your clothing go a long way.

Do you want to maintain the new look on your hijabs and make them last longer? Here is a comprehensive guide for taking care of your hijabs from Modest Eve. Let's dive right in:

Use Proper Safety Pins

Rusty and damaged pins will stain, snag, and destroy your hijabs. So we recommend you use the correct pins to make your hijab last longer. To avoid being poked, use safety or magnetic hijab pins, as they also present a modest look.

Wash Using Cold Water

Wash your hijabs using cold water to ensure the fabric doesn't stretch, allowing the colors to fade. Cold water is gentle on fabrics and will maintain the look of your hijabs. Add a mild detergent into your water or use a shampoo since hijab fabrics are very delicate.

Choose Handwashing Over Washing Machine

Handwashing is always the best option. Add mild detergents to cold water and rub your hijabs softly to avoid damaging the fabric. When the stains disappear, rinse well using clean water and squeeze lightly. Do not wring your hijab; it may cause creases as it dries.

Don't Mix Colors While Washing

Different hijab types require further care, so always consider that when caring for your hijabs. Always remember to separate your printed hijab scarf from other colors. Wash light colors separately from dark ones.

Drying Hijabs

Air drying is the best option and is excellent on the fabric. Avoid using driers to dry hijabs, as they can damage the fabric by shrinking or losing its sheen. To dry your hijabs, lay them flat outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight.

Take Care of Stains Right Away

Stains like make-up, spillages, body lotions, etc., can destroy your hijab. When there's a stain, treat it as soon as possible to save your hijab. When spot cleaning, use a mild detergent on the stain and rub gently using your fingertips. If you have access to water, wash the stained part in cold water; if not, use a paper towel to dab the stained part.

Iron on Low Temperatures

Turn your hijab inside-out when ironing to avoid damaging the fabric's sheen. Use a low heat setting in your iron box since high temperatures may burn your fabric. We recommend a steamer for removing creases from a delicate hijab fabric.

Hijab Storage

Fold your hijabs neatly and store them in a cool and dry place. Avoid folding over the same line when storing your hijabs since the inserted pressure can cause a tear along the line. Instead, roll them to avoid permanent creases, and don't stack them under many clothes.

In Summary

Women's hijabs are an essential part of dressing in the Muslim community; hence taking care of them is inevitable. With proper safety pins, handwashing in cold water, air drying, ironing on low heat, and storing them properly, you are guaranteed to maintain your hijab's new look.

At Modest Eve, we have various hijabs made of different fabrics and colors. Quality is always guaranteed. For more information about our products and services, contact us today.


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