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What Pants Do You Wear With Tunics?

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Spring and summer bring warmer weather and new fashion lines. This season, the runways all featured tunics layered over pants. That's an exciting

development for fans of modest dressing because it opens up a world of choices for us. With so many tunic options hitting the stores, you might wonder what pants pair best with these long shirts that look like short dresses. Let's consider your many options.

Ideal Pants Cuts for Tunics

A tunic's long, flowing fabric billows out and around the body. Rather than a fitted style, it drapes and flows. Some individuals choose to belt their tunic dress, while others opt to let it hang loose. This means the pants worn with the tunic must balance the outfit using a trim cut. These pants form a straight line down the body or taper to a close at the ankle.

What cuts should you look for when shopping for pants that work well with tunics? Any pants with the following cuts:


  • Straight leg
  • Skinny leg
  • Boot-cut
  • Pegged leg
  • Stirrup
  • Tapered.

Now, let's consider the pants styles that typically feature these cuts of pants.

Denim Jeans

Once referred to as blue jeans, jeans now come in a rainbow of colors and styles. Some designers apply stone washing to the denim fabric to make new jeans appear well-worn. Because they come in various rises that hit the waistline in different areas, such as high-rise or low-rise jeans, jeans offer a comfortable option for every person. Jeans come in many leg cuts, but choose those with a straight leg, skinny leg, or boot cut for the best results.


Originally worn for horseback riding, specifically riding on an English saddle, and designed for equestrian competitions, these pants feature a design that offers a loose fit from the waist to the knees. The pants then fit more closely and cuff at the ankles. Both genders wear jodhpurs and, for women, they offer an ideal choice to pair with tunics.

Stirrup Pants

At first glance, a pair of stirrup pants may seem like a pair of jodhpurs, but they offer a few key differences. Typically crafted from stretchy fabrics like cotton and Spandex, the stirrup pant design features a strap that fits under the foot. This holds the pants in place and ensures that they cannot ride up to reveal any skin.
If you dress modestly for religious reasons that preclude showing ankles, stirrup pants offer a wonderful solution to leggings that can shift or ride up. They also developed from the horseback riding set. You don't typically see the stirrup portion since people tend to wear them with boots.

Their similarity to leggings makes them comfortable to wear, even under a maxi dress or burqa. Their cotton material offers an ideal composition during the spring and summer months.


Leggings offer a cross between tights and sweatpants that surprisingly look dressy, especially when paired with a tunic. Unlike tights, leggings use a thick material, about the thickness of sweatpants. Some come lined for winter wear.
They seem to fit tightly because they pull on in a manner similar to hosiery. They feature no feet with an open ankle. Their stretchy nature makes them comfortable for everyday wear. They taper to the ankle, offering the ideal cut to complement a tunic.

Some leggings use stretchy denim as their material. In these cases, the garment goes by the name jeggings. Both forms – leggings, and jeggings – feature elastic waists.

Pegged Pants

Try pegged pants when you need an office-wear look. These pants fit full at the waist and thighs, then taper until reaching the ankle. The ankle features a stylish pleat. When shopping for a tunic and pants set, you notice that designers frequently use pegged pants to complete a tunic ensemble.


Women's dress slacks, also called trousers, offer another common option for tunic pants. These formal-style pants provide a smart, fashionable way to complete a tunic office look. This style of pants also often accompanies a suit-style jacket, so you may already own appropriate pants that you could repurpose for a fabulous tunic look.

Straight Pants

The final ideal pair of pants to complement a tunic, straight pants, pervades clothing racks. The cut of these pants goes straight from top to bottom. They offer a less severe cut than stovepipe pants.

Which Pants Style Works Best for Your Body Type?

Here's the thing. Tunics offer the most forgiving fashion look available. Their boxy nature means that the fabric billows and drapes, covering the individual down to beneath their thighs and sometimes to the knees.

This means you can wear pants styles with a tunic that you would normally avoid. The mighty tunic covers heavy thighs, fat rolls at the midriff, and makes heavy-chested women look more svelte. Wearing a tunic frees a woman to experiment with fashions she normally wouldn't wear.

What Shoes to Pair with a Tunic and Pants?

If you choose a casual tunic and leggings or stirrup pants, pair sneakers or athletic shoes with it. Casual flats can work, too.

Choose flats or kitten heels for an office look with a tunic and trousers, straight pants, or pegged pants. Stilettos might look great with some of the pants styles, but they don't work for the office. Kitten heels use a short but shaped heel that offers a feminine look without pain or overt sexiness.

Save the stiletto heels for wearing with your tunic and pants set in the evening. Pair your high heels with a dressy tunic and straight pants or dressy leggings for a night out on the town.

Shop Modest Eve for Tunics and Pants

Find fashionable tunics and the perfect pants at Modest Eve. We offer sophisticated fashions that let you dress with modesty while looking like you stepped off the runway. Complete your spring and summer wardrobe today.

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