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Our Story

We are a family-based Canadian company that has grown out of a need for modest contemporary clothing for Muslims. For too long we were tired of having to choose either from transparent, short sleeved, deep necks and tight clothes or from boring hijabs and abayas that were available in the market. 

Why couldn't we be modest and modern? Do we have to pick one or the other? The answer came to us in the form of Modest Eve. For all the eves of the world, we decided to do the homework and bring the world of modern modest clothing (& accessories) to your fingertips. From dresses to bottoms, we've got something for everyone!

But then we thought, why stop there? Why not help all the other Muslim businesses connect with Muslim buyers. So we decided to convert our website to a marketplace platform that would offer support to new muslim business as well as large established brands. We decided to leverage our marketing and efforts so we can connect the ummah with the products they need from the businesses that matter.  

Having said that, we are still new and getting a hang of this. So if we fall short in some regards, please let us know (nicely) and we will attempt our best to fix and improve ourselves. 

And finally, we are constantly searching the world and selecting products that would be comfortable, fashionable and perfect for any Muslim girl or woman so sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch. Contact us anytime!


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