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Modest Eve is a marketplace and a platform for all things fashion (and related) that a woman might need. We are constantly increasing our product range and adding more brands, clothes and accessories to our offerings. However, there is no need to do this alone.  

Do you have a brand with tunics, dresses, cosmetics, fragrances, abayas, hijabs and any other products that you think are suitable for our website? Would you like to offer your products through Modest Eve? Please use contact us for general enquiries or email us at to see what collaboration options are available in this regard. This option is currently only available to Canadian Muslim Owned businesses.

Over Simplified Concept

  1. After signup, Products are imported from retailer’s website and made available for sale on Modest Eve (ME) Marketplace. 
  2. ME engages in internal and external marketing & branding activities to attract customers to its platform.
  3. Customers order something from the retailer’s offering and pay on ME platform. The order information is then forwarded to the retailer for fulfilment.
  4. The retailer ships the product and shares the tracking number with ME. 
  5. At the end of the month, the commission is deducted from the retailer's earnings and the balance amount is sent to the retailer's bank account.
  6. The retailer agrees to do cross promotion and marketing for the platform on its website or customer base as well. 
  7. Initially, there are no signup charges. Just a 15% flat commission (after all charges) will be deducted from seller income by ME.  

When you are ready to proceed, you may join the seller community of Modest Eve by filling the Seller In-Take Form here. 


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