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How to Pair Tunics With Different Bottom Styles

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You may not be used to wearing a tunic, so let Modest Eve teach you how to pair tunics with different bottom styles in a comfortable, fashionable way!

Ladies' tunic tops are one of the best items for dressing modestly, but styling a tunic top can be challenging when you aren't sure what bottoms you want to wear. Those who don't wear tunics often feel insecure or uncomfortable when they start wearing them because they aren't sure the tunic looks right or is worn the right way. Don't worry! Whether you're a tunic pro or a newbie, Modest Eve can help you create great tunic looks with all kinds of bottom styles.

How to Style a Tunic

If you're wondering how to wear a tunic, you've come to the right place. The key to styling tunics is choosing the right tunic for the style of bottoms that you are wearing. Accessories can also go a long way in making tunics look fashionable. The most important part of styling a tunic effectively is wearing tunics that make you feel good because clothes should be a way to express and embrace who you are.

Tunics come in a range of lengths, and how long you want your tunic to be will often depend on the style of bottom you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing closer-fitting bottoms, it's more likely that you will want a slightly longer tunic, but if you are wearing more flowy bottoms, you can still be modest with a shorter tunic.

Whether you want a more dressy or casual look, there's a tunic for you. If you are chilling at home or dressing for the office, you can wear a tunic that fits your environment. Having tunics in your wardrobe gives you a lot of versatility, and many tunics can be styled in new ways to reflect current fashions, so they are timeless pieces to collect.

Dresses and Tunics

One creative way to style a tunic is with a dress. It may seem counterintuitive to wear a dress and a tunic, but this technique is great when you want extra layers in the winter or to make a dress more modest.

Dresses can make a great base layer for a tunic, and you can wear the dress as a skirt. When creating this look, you'll want to avoid dresses that are too bulky. To bring this look together, a belt around the waist can make this combo more polished.

A tunic can be added over a simple dress to make it more interesting. For example, you may have a dress with ruffles. Adding a tunic over that dress can allow you to show off the bottom of the ruffles without the dress being too over the top.

Denim and Tunics

Putting tunics over denim is a classic look. Tunics go well with closer-fitting denim. This doesn't mean that your denim must be form-fitting, but choosing denim that's straight cut is a good choice because if denim is too baggy, you may get lost in all that fabric. If you still want to wear baggier jeans, a more form-fitted tunic is a good option, or you can use a belt or tie to add more shape to the top of your body.

Experimenting with different colors and fits of denim can be a fun way to make new looks and use tunics across seasons. If you like bolder looks, colored denim is a great way to add style to a tunic look. For example, pastel denim is perfect for spring! Darker denim may be more appropriate for colder months.

Trousers and Tunics

It's hard to go wrong with trousers and tunics. These are a classic combination for those who choose modest fashion. With a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics available, there's a trouser that suits every person and most scenarios. Trousers are an excellent choice for settings like the office, but you can also dress them down by pairing them with a more casual tunic.

When deciding what trousers to wear, look at the shape of your tunic. If the tunic is less form-fitting, more form-fitting pants are the answer, but with more form-fitted trousers, you can get away with wider fits of trousers. A tunic looks great with a trouser that is straight fitting on the legs. Some flare at the bottom of the trousers can add some dimension to the look.

Skirts and Tunics

Skirts and tunics are great, but a skirt can easily get lost under a tunic. Longer skirts usually work quite well with a tunic and are more modest as well, so the combination of a tunic and a maxi skirt is sure to add modesty and fashion to your wardrobe.

A tunic can be used with both tighter and looser skirts. If you have a form-fitting skirt that doesn't feel appropriate, a tunic can cover areas where the skirt shows off too much, enabling you to wear more styles without sacrificing modesty.

Leggings and Tunics

Leggings are known for their comfort, but they aren't always as modest as some women would like them to be. While some modest dressers don't like to wear leggings at all because of their own style values and vision of modesty, many modest dressers like to pair tunics with leggings because tunics are long enough to add modesty to any outfit.

That said, you'll want to ensure that if you wear leggings, they are thick and provide the necessary coverage for modesty, so always check the thickness and opacity of leggings before purchasing.

Additionally, a longer and flowery tunic works great with leggings because it adds coverage and doesn't make the look so form-fitting.

Still not convinced about leggings and tunics? Throwing on a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots can also be a great way to style a tunic and legging combination. Boots also detract from the natural tightness of leggings.

Chic Modest Style with Modest Eve

We want you to feel your best while still dressing modestly. While each modest woman will have different standards of modesty to which they adhere, we provide a range of options that allow you to embrace style, comfort, and self-expression through your wardrobe. Contact us or check out our selection of tunics and other modest fashion. You're sure to find a look you love!


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