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Modest Dresses for Women With Different Body Types

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Fashion is flexible and personal! Learn about the various choices of modest dresses for women with different body types with Modest Eve here!

You might think of dressing modestly as something related to religion, but it refers to dressing professionally for an office environment. While many religions prefer that their members dress modestly, once people graduate from a vocational school or college, modest dressing becomes necessary for the office.

Low-cut tops, miniskirts, and racerbacks won’t cut it in the professional world. You need conservative dresses, business suits, pantsuits, and button-down tops. Dressing modestly and professionally does not mean dressing boringly. It also still provides women of every body type with flattering options. Learn how to build the ideal wardrobe to present yourself in the best light with Modest Eve!

The Top Options for Tops

Let’s talk about school and office environments. Neither location turns the heat up enough, and both blast the air conditioning. Who knows why, but instead of freezing, wear long sleeves. This option keeps you warm since you can layer with beautiful modest dresses, skirts, or pants.

  • Choose tops with fluid instead of fitted sleeves to flatter every body type.
  • Layer a long sleeve top or cardigan over a short-sleeved one you love.
  • Maintain a professional appearance by choosing a boat neck, crew neck, turtleneck, or cowl neckline. These remain in fashion perpetually and go with any look.

Whether you want to wow them at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) meeting or you must present at your office, try a top like this poplin top with a fluttery chiffon neck in white or black, or this purple crepe tunic that looks great belted or worn loose over a skirt or an interlining dress.

If you wear a short-sleeved top, layer a light, flowing fabric over it. You’ll create a more sophisticated look and stay warm regardless of the air conditioning situation. You’ll also cover unsightly arm issues, like untoned biceps or cellulite, that apple shapes may experience.

Wear the Pants in the Family

You can look feminine and fabulous in pants. Designs like solid black palazzo pants make it look like you wore a dress but let you move like you’re wearing pants. The other benefit to them stems from their flowing design. These ultra-wide-legged modest pants offer camouflage for every issue, especially for pear-shaped ones with heavier stomachs, hips, and thighs. Not one bit of cellulite shows in these pants, and they also offer a cool option for hot summers since their cut lets air circulate. Speaking of hot summers, look for these breathable pants in island prints for a fun office or school look.

Dressy Dresses That Wow

Have you ever noticed how perfectly sophisticated Middle Eastern women look? One of their top secrets comes from a simple piece of fashion called the abaya. They put on this one-piece dress that works belted or loose, toss on a scarf, and are ready for a day of shopping. It hides body imperfections, and belting it lets you accentuate a small waist.

The loose, flowy fabrics of these dresses help air circulate, and that’s important in a climate that reaches 120 Fahrenheit regularly. You might not need to deal with dessert heat regularly, but how about a dress with solids and prints with a cinched waist and wrist cuffs? You just add a couple of accessories like a skinny belt and a print scarf. Choose basic black or a gray-blue abaya for a more formal look appropriate for most occasions.

There are also reversible abayas, and they are quite popular. You get the use of one piece of clothing with two different colors. They are easy to style and comfortable, and this look is guaranteed to make heads turn.

When you want something summery for the office, try tie-dye, but not like Eskimo Joe’s tie-dye. A turquoise, brown, and cream tie-dye-like satin dress that hits a midi length offers an office-appropriate fashionable look. This cut of dress especially compliments a straight or banana shape.

Shop Modest Eve for Fashions for Every Body

Dressing professionally sets you up for success. Looking the part of a successful woman sets you in the right mindset. Compliment your college degree with a sophisticated look from Modest Eve, the home for modest dress women love. Contact us and shop today!


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